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Find Your Inner Wild

How I Can Help...

Being in Therapy 

Sometimes life feels a struggle, anxiety gets in the way, relationships are difficult and old memories can resurface. Coming into therapy can be daunting and the first thing I want you to know is that we will always work at your pace. Growth in nature cannot be rushed without laying the foundations to ensure a strong stem and the same applies for us as humans.

Clients tell me that my warm and calm approach helps them to feel safe and we can then start to build trust. Looking at your resilience and how you manage difficulties will be a high priority. Working outdoors also means we can take advantage of the healing powers of nature.

My main focus is to help you to understand yourself better. We all develop patterns and ways of being in the world, some of which are supportive and some of which are unhealthy. All of these will come from a place of necessity or survival and when we begin to identify these different parts, accept them and hold compassion for ourselves, we can live more easily in the world and with others.


It has been shown how trees support and sustain each other as a community and connection is equally as important to us as humans. We will pay attention to how you relate in all areas of your life and what comes up between us to help you to identify key patterns. This could include how you prioritise others over yourself, how you manage difference and seek to get your needs met. 


Our bodies store much of the information about how we feel in situations and I want to help you to unlock this invaluable key. We will use methods such as body sensations, processes and also movement to help with this. Reconnecting with nature in our outdoor work is an excellent way to take us out of our minds and into our bodies if we'll allow it. 

Find your Inner Wild

I am passionate about helping you to find your Inner Wild. For me, this is the inner spirit which we often lose after experiences, relationships and societal/cultural influences throughout life.


As children we have a wonder of life, a strong connection to the earth, animals and plants. This roots us to something bigger than ourselves and to something we are part of. This provides a solid foundation and support from which to grow, just like it does in nature. Seasons and cycles of death and regeneration are accepted and valued. We see ourselves as a collective rather than individual, working for the good of all.

From this place, we can be free to live a more authentic Inner Wild: to feel ok just as we are and to allow ourselves to live from our hearts without worrying about the judgement of others. Imagine a spontaneous life, without fear, knowing that you are not alone in having to manage or solve all the problems that come your way. Letting go may not be easy but it is freeing.

My Locations

I work mostly from The Retreat New Forest, A35, Hinton, BH23 7EF, This is a lovely Retreat Centre with comfortable and private therapy rooms accessed via 2 staircases. There is beautiful outdoor space including grounds, a walled garden, woodland and a lake and we can access this fluidly for all or part of our sessions.

I also work from The Coastal Practice, 98 Broadway, Southbourne, Bournemouth, BH6 4EH. This therapy centre has peaceful and private rooms. It is wheelchair accessible and has free street parking available outside the premises for up to 2 hours.

We can also agree to work outdoors in the New Forest or at

Hengistbury Head, Bournemouth

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Find your inner wild

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